Principle 2: The Whole Self

The Whole Self …or “Psycho-physical unity” in Alexander speak. The second of the principles of Alexander’s Technique is about how the brain affects the body, and the body affects the brain. I think most people today recognise this to be the case, but have you thought about the extent to which it is true? This is a principle that Alexander wrote quite clearly about. Take this quote from “The Universal Constant in Living”, his last book: "The term psycho-physical is used both here and throughout my works to indicate the impossibility of separating 'physical' and 'mental' operations in our conceptions of the working of the human organism. [...] In my opinion the two must be considered entirely

7 Key Principles

I thought I’d use the blog to go over the 7 principles of Alexander’s Technique. Many of you will have heard me address these principles in bits in the lessons, but unless you have done extensive reading on the Technique it’s unlikely you’ll have been introduced to them all. And it helps to know what they are! Principle Number 1: Use affects Functioning This is the overriding principle really – to understand it you need to understand what Alexander meant by “Use”. He was working in a completely new field and so needed to come up with new vocabulary. Alexander’s term “Use” refers to the way an individual uses their mind and mechanical body. So “bad use” in Alexandrian terms would be someone

Mindfulness for the Frazzled

I picked up a copy of Ruby Wax's "Mindfulness for the Frazzled" for 50p in the Southfields Library book sale (which seems to be on permanently by the way!). I'm aware that she's not everyone's cup of tea but I found this guide to mindfulness really down to earth and easy to read. So many of the ideas cross over with the Alexander Technique - the basic Alexander instruction "stop, be present in the room" is mindfulness encapsulated really. I know for a fact that Ruby actually started doing the Alexander Technique teacher training course at the same school where I trained (the Constructive Teaching Centre, the oldest AT school in the world). My teacher, Ruth Murray, told me she was there back

What links FM Alexander to Jim Morrison?

So, here's a bit of a fun post. What is the link between Frederick Matthias Alexander, founder of the Alexander Technique, to Jim Morrison, lead singer with 1960s psychedelic rock band The Doors? Jim Morrison, 1943 - 1971 and Frederick Matthias Alexander, 1869 - 1955 The answer is this man, Aldous Huxley, 1894 - 1963. Aldous Huxley, who most people know as the author of "Brave New World" had lessons with Alexander. In a great article about the relationship between the two men, which you can find here, Robert Rickover writes: "Huxley was very tall and awkward and subject to fatigue, insomnia and a weak stomach. He was deathly afraid to speak in public. By the time he met Alexander, he was vir

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