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What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a way to recognise and then prevent unnecessary tension in all activities of life. Most people are unaware of habits they have developed in the way they use their minds and bodies - however we do notice the effects of these habits: shortness of breath, tight shoulders, painful lower back, permanent tiredness...

We can all learn to undo these habits using the Alexander Technique. Most people taking lessons report greater freedom of movement, ease and balance in everyday activities, and a general sense of vitality and wellbeing.

With the help of an Alexander Technique teacher we can learn to stop and discover what we are doing to ourselves. The Alexander Technique is taught by teachers who have completed a recognised 3 year full time training course.


Lessons usually begin by the teacher looking at everyday actions such as sitting and standing. The teacher may also use lying down work on a padded table. The principles of the technique are simple, but they can take a while to master as we are working against habit which can be very tenacious! 

Lessons are taught from my specially equipped room in Wimbledon, SW London. They are taught fully clothed - please wear loose comfortable clothing.

The Alexander Technique was developed in the 1890s by Frederick Matthias Alexander, born in Tasmania in 1869. Alexander had a promising start in a career in acting when he developed recurring vocal problems. Doctors were unable to help him so FM (as he was known) decided to explore whether something he was doing to himself might be leading to the strain on his voice. 

For more background information on FM Alexander and the Technique visit

Frederick Matthias Alexander, 1869 - 1955

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