Why GPs should be prescribing the Alexander Technique

Dr Miriam Wohl (pictured), in an article in the British Association of Sports & Exercise Medicine magazine, looks at this very issue: "Question - Why is the Alexander Technique in the NICE guidelines? Answer - Because, unlike physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, Pilates, yoga and supervised exercise, only the Alexander Technique has been shown in a large randomised controlled trial, published in a peer-reviewed journal, to provide substantial long-term benefit in chronic low back pain. The findings: - 590 people were studied and had on average 21 days per month in pain - One group had normal GP care (painkillers, physiotherapy, etc) and at the end of the year they still had 21 days in pa

Keep on running

Sorry not blogged for a while, I've been looking after a growing practice! I have been running though - I ran the Cancer Research Winter Run 10k in London this weekend with some friends and really enjoyed it (I ran it in 51 mins and 20 seconds - very pleased with myself!). The Winter Run made me think: in order to keep going over longer distances it really helps to keep the head lightly balanced on top of the spine. In this connection I re-read an article from The Irish Times by Alexander Teacher and research fellow at Manchester University, Dr Seán Carey. Your personal running style is entrenched in habit as much as everything else we do and can be hard to change... As Dr Carey says, you ne

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