A few moments of hands-on work...

Back to work after a few days holiday with my family in beautiful Portugal (thanks Dad, top villa!). I am reminded within moments of putting my hands on my first pupil after the break that sometimes all it takes is a few moments of hands-on work to get the Alexander student to recall his or her stopping and thinking, and to take a step closer to complete poise, balance and freedom.

Hypermobility and the Alexander Technique

I have come across at least 2 people with some degree of hypermobility in my time as an Alexander Technique teacher. When I first encountered these issues I suppose my thoughts were, but how exactly does the Technique help? At one level the Technique is all about letting go of muscle tension, whereas people with hypermobility almost seem to have a lack of or no muscle tension. In fact, this is not always the case and I have come to see much more clearly that the Technique is about co-ordination and re-integration as much as it is about letting go. The benefits of the Alexander Technique are becoming increasingly recognised in the treatment of Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS) / Ehlers Danlos Synd

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