The End of the Road

I came across this article this morning - one of the best pieces of writing on the Technique I've come across in a long time. I suppose it's about just how far the Technique can be taken... recommended reading. Thanks Bruce. The original piece can be found on Bruce's website here. "The End Of The Road by Bruce Fertman on August 5, 2015 Photo by Bruce Ferryman I think I’m getting it. The more we, as Alexander teachers go about waking ourselves and our students up to the true and primary movement, the primary control, inherent control, the primary pattern, the integrative pattern, whatever you wish to call it, the better. Whether it’s through Alexander’s procedures, Barstow’s procedures, (she

10 for 9 offer (Constructive Rest and Frequent Lessons are a Recipe for Success!)

As new clients come to the Studio to take up Alexander Technique lessons, I am noticing a couple of things about their progress. Firstly, the clients who choose to make constructive rest a regular part of their day seem to progress much more. Constructive rest, or lying in semi-supine, is a great way to stop, allow time for yourself and start to let go. It is really, really good for your back. It involves finding a quite place for 15 minutes, and lying down with your head supported by books and your knees up. Anyone can do it. A guide to constructive rest is available on the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) website here. Give it a go! The second thing I notice is that t

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