New Testimonial, and an interesting detail

A short update today, just a couple of things.... Firstly, thank you so much to my long-term client Andrew for writing such an inspirational back-to-work testimonial. It's always lovely to receive such positive comments from clients. Andrew wrote: "I was delighted to be able to start lessons with Marie again after a six-month hiatus. Marie has not lost her touch at all!  She was able straightaway to use her remarkably skilful and intuitive hands to locate and help me to resolve a number of unnecessary muscle tensions which had been building up. I am very glad that her practice is up and running again. I certainly missed it..." Thank you Andrew! Secondly, I do hope you read the Guardian arti

Self-Care.....and the Chair

Hello everyone, it's September, the kids are back in school and the AT studio is open. I am keen to get back to work and have been contacting many of you regarding booking appointments. The Alexander Technique is all about self-care, about learning how to look after yourself now and in the future. One of the key principles of the Technique is the unity of mind and body; in other words how one functions constantly affects the other. I know I personally have found lockdown and social distancing very hard. It is worth remembering that a body that is freer, more co-ordinated and connected to the ground will help a mind that perhaps is not at its calmest. I certainly have found this. So if you ha

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