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On habit

I was scrolling through the photos on my phone and found this passage that I'd saved on 6th May.

Read this passage. Really read it. It describes in most beautiful terms why your mind craves habit - but why habit is also so dangerous.

A beautifully Alexandrian passage in a non-Alexander book. The problem is, I can’t remember where it’s from! I know I was reading it in bed on the morning of Saturday 6th May this year (look I dropped an eyelash in to the left hand margin), and I suddenly stopped and made my husband (who was scrolling on his phone next to me) take a photo of the passage and send it to me, so struck was I by the content. But I wish I could remember what I was reading!!! Does anyone know?

Take note, people. See the flower. See the cumulonimbus. Wonder at them. Know that habit helps us avoid overwhelm, but is a hole we can fall down too.

***Update: Friday 16th June. I remembered where the passage was from! It's from "Four Seasons in Rome" by Anthony Doerr, a truly wonderful book.



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