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"Aha!" moments .... and dead ends

A short post today. We all know them, those moments when something suddenly clicks into place, and a lightbulb lights up somewhere. The "aha!" moment.

These are a regular occurrence in Alexander Technique lessons. They may also occur when working on yourself with Alexander directions, inhibitions, thoughts... call them what you will. For example, I had a lovely new client yesterday, a lady who, due to work, spends more time than is desirable sat at a computer screen. We had done some table work she had begun to let go beautifully, and, to finish off the lesson, we did some chair work (or in my case a stool - I like open access from all angles!). There was suddenly a moment when my new client's head was beautifully, lightly and effortlessly poised at the end of her spine. She made a sound - a sort of "oh!". For the first time in possibly quite a while she was experiencing that indescribable lightness of being you suddenly get when things become clear. The lightbulb moment.

A word of warning, though. There is a real danger (is that too strong a word? actually no I don't think so) with these moments for the Alexander learner to go, in their head, "That's it! I've found it! All I need to do from here on in is to remember that little trick, that thought, that thing about keeping my head free at the end of my spine. Brilliant. Job done". Unfortunately this can often result in the learner "freezing" or "fixing" in this new found "position"....which is exactly the opposite of what we actually want. The Alexander Technique is a journey, an unpeeling of the layers, a learning of awareness. Beware the dark alleys you can get stuck down. I know, because I've been there myself.

Need to find your own "aha!" moment? Please do book a lesson. For all previous clients, please note that a couple weeks ago we relocated from Southfields to Wimbledon. The new place is 10 minutes' walk from Wimbledon station. No dark alleys on the way.


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