Alexander Technique and Parkinson's

A randomized controlled trial of the Alexander Technique for idiopathic Parkinson's disease run by the School of Integrated Medicine, University of Westminster, London, UK, demonstrated that Alexander Technique lessons led to an increased ability of people with Parkinson’s disease to carry out everyday activities. (Clinical Rehabilitation 2002) Ninety-three people with Parkinson’s disease were randomly allocated to one of three groups: 24 one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons given by STAT-trained and registered teachers; 24 massage sessions given by trained therapeutic massage practitioners; or, no additional intervention. The massage arm was included because, in addition to any massage-sp

Alexander Technique can help older people with fear of falling

A new pilot study co-authored by Lesley Glover & Jane Clappison, both MSTAT teachers, along with colleagues from the University of Hull, has been published. The research supports the fact that participating in Alexander Technique (AT) group classes can be helpful for older people with a fear of falling. The study is small but the findings from participant focus group discussions show that the AT can help this group to do things they did not think they could do. It also suggests that taking part in AT group classes empowered them to make different choices about what they do and don’t do, and how they do it. Participants developed a new understanding of how they could move and they reported th

The BMJ Study - Alexander Technique works for back pain, there's proof!

In 2008, the British Medical Journal ran a clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of lessons in the Alexander Technique, massage therapy, and advice from a doctor to take exercise (exercise prescription) along with nurse delivered behavioural counselling for patients with chronic or recurrent back pain. There were 579 participants in the trial. The main results of the study were that exercise and lessons in the Alexander Technique, but not massage, remained effective at one year. The conclusions read: "One to one lessons in the Alexander technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain. Six lessons followed by exercise prescription were ne

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