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Marie Perez Alexander Technique

London SW18

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Tube: Southfields (District Line)

Bus: 39, 493

Tel: 07957 820127

IMPORTANT - Coronavirus - How Lessons will operate from July 2020

As I’m sure you’re aware, for everyone’s safety, Alexander Technique lessons will be a little different in this new world.  I have been sent guidelines by STAT and by the CNHC and been asked to complete a risk assessment specific to my work set up. You can download this document by clicking here. On the basis of this risk assessment this is the way that lessons at my Southfields studio will now take place:


  • If you have any symptoms of the Coronavirus then please do not come to the lesson. These are: awareness of raised temperature, any persistent new cough, any loss of sense of taste and smell

  • If you develop symptoms of Coronavirus within 2 weeks after a lesson then you must inform me


  • If at all possible please travel to the lesson on foot or by bicycle, or in your own private car / vehicle

  • If you are walking, cycling or driving to the lesson then please arrive ready dressed in clean but comfortable clothes suitable for an AT lesson (loose trousers or leggings, t-shirt or loose top, socks).

  • If you are taking public transport to the lesson then please bring with you a clean change of comfortable clothes including socks. You’ll be asked to change into the clothes on arrival.


  • Facemasks or coverings are now mandatory, throughout the lesson and during your time on the premises. Please bring a facemask with you and put it on before you ring the doorbell. I will also keep a supply of disposable masks in case you forget or prefer one of these. I will wear a facemask before answering the door and throughout the lesson.

  • On arrival please leave your coat / bags / other items on the chair provided in the hallway, and leave your shoes under the chair. Please wear socks. Then please use the downstairs bathroom to change clothes if you have travelled on public transport, and to wash and dry your hands using the soap and paper towels provided. Please dispose of paper towels in the pedal bin under the sink. I will also wash my hands after showing you into the studio. 

  • The window and the door of the Alexander studio will be left open to allow proper ventilation. I will also leave other windows open in the building to allow airflow.

  • I would prefer payment by bank transfer either before or immediately after the lesson. Alternatively, I have invested in a card payment machine to allow you to pay in this way. If you are have to pay cash then I will give you a clean envelope to put the cash in; please bring the correct amount.

  • I will be allowing extra time in between lessons in order to ventilate the studio, to wipe down the teaching table, the teaching chair, any other teaching equipment used, the chair for coats / bags in the hallway, all door and window handles, the doorbell, the taps, sink and toilet in the bathroom.

  • Each new client will have the table prepared with a freshly laundered sheet and a fresh paper covering for the books that go under the head.

Lesson Prices

Lessons cost £45. Please contact me to book your first lesson. Concessions may be available, again please contact me to discuss.

Please note that all lessons are subject to a 48 hour cancellation policy.