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Mindfulness for the Frazzled

I picked up a copy of Ruby Wax's "Mindfulness for the Frazzled" for 50p in the Southfields Library book sale (which seems to be on permanently by the way!). I'm aware that she's not everyone's cup of tea but I found this guide to mindfulness really down to earth and easy to read. So many of the ideas cross over with the Alexander Technique - the basic Alexander instruction "stop, be present in the room" is mindfulness encapsulated really.

I know for a fact that Ruby actually started doing the Alexander Technique teacher training course at the same school where I trained (the Constructive Teaching Centre, the oldest AT school in the world). My teacher, Ruth Murray, told me she was there back in the 80s. Ruby would definitely have been introduced to the Technique in drama school - all good drama schools have some form of Alexander Technique on the curriculum. I also know that a colleague of mine used to give Ruby Alexander lessons in her dressing room before she went on set / stage. I only mention all this because although she doesn't directly mention the Technique in the book, there are hints of it in the language she uses, e.g. she talks about sitting with the spine long, and thinking about the contact of the feet with the ground. Sound familiar?

I enjoyed the book so much that I ordered a second hand copy of another book by Ruby, "Sane New World", this week. Not read it yet, but looking forward to it.

So, basically, a recommended read.

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