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New testimonial - September 2020

Huge thanks to my client Andrew for contributing this testimonial on returning to lessons after lockdown!


"I was delighted to be able to start lessons with Marie again after a six-month hiatus. Marie has not lost her touch at all!  She was able straightaway to use her remarkably skilful and intuitive hands to locate and help me to resolve a number of unnecessary muscle tensions which had been building up. I am very glad that her practice is up and running again. I certainly missed it..."

- Andrew, Putney

My Alexander Technique journey and discovery started a bit more than a year ago now. I was experiencing pain in my right shoulder and in my left thigh when standing and sitting; I had tried several other therapies, however, I received no lasting relief from any of them. This brought me to contact Marie for an Alexander Technique lesson.


The Alexander lessons helped me little by little to notice the way I use my body in every day life. Also, when the pain begins, the Technique gave me a set of tools which allow me to manage the pain: lying in semi-supine thinking about my Alexander “directions”, that is, allowing my head to be free at the top my spine and allowing space in my ribcage, at the top of my thighs, knees and ankles.


Lessons with Marie are both serious and fun and it is surprising that after most lessons, and even after a year, I seem to be noticing something new that I can use in my daily life. I recommend everyone to try Alexander Technique lessons with Marie and lying in semi-supine to take control of your well-being.

- Christelle, SW London

I flirted with the Alexander Technique about 100 years ago when I was at drama school.  It was one of the classes we were obliged to go to and to be honest we sort of mucked about and didn't take it that seriously. Oh, the fecklessness of youth...  

Fast forward a few millennia and I'm now a busy working parent with a job in a very stressful industry and I find myself with continuous, and sometimes agonising, lower back, shoulder and neck pain. I too tried physio and massage and stretching etc, but nothing seems to stick and I return to pain very quickly.  

When I started the Alexander sessions with Marie, I had a lightbulb moment, this was a technique I could do myself - i.e. it is a practice that I can master that really helps me. And not only is it helpful to combat the persistent back pain but in many other areas.  For example, I have been learning mindfulness and now I can do mindfulness of the body as well as the brain!  I can still the thoughts that race around my head 24/7 while trying to extend that 'stretchy spine' or finding my 'sit bones'.


Marie makes the sessions fun and relaxed, we have a little chat, but we also have to get through the work! I find myself wanting to get better (at the technique) in order to gain even more benefits from the sessions.  


There's a rare but amazing moment when you become completely relaxed, with no stress or tension in your body.  I've only glimpsed that nirvana for a nanosecond so far, but I reckon with Marie's help and patient guidance, I will get there and it's going to be ace!!

- Helen, Southfields

I started taking Alexander Technique lessons because of pain and tension in my neck and shoulders, but also to improve the way I walk and my posture generally. I get many benefits from lessons, some of the main ones are relaxation, a focus on what is important, and mindfulness that involves my body as well as my mind. The pain in my neck and shoulders simply disappeared after a couple of lessons!! I also have more confidence when walking down the street giving my Alexander “directions” in my head.


After my Alexander lessons I feel relaxed, more grounded, the best way I can think to describe it is that I have been “reset” or returned to default, how I should be. I’ve tried all sorts of other things in the past – mindfulness, yoga, meditation, exercise, but I find I keep coming back to Alexander Technique lessons with Marie because you are learning a skill that you can build on yourself. The lessons provide the focus for the week and then I can keep practicing myself throughout the week. 


- Sarah, SW London

I started having lessons with Marie as the Alexander Technique was something that I was keen to try. I have ongoing problems with neck and shoulder pain and also a lower back problem which has been improved by an operation but will never be completely fine again. I had tried, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy and even a chiropractor (never again!) and was looking for something lasting rather than temporary relief.


I find the lessons very relaxing and always feel much better after a lesson both physically and mentally. I also like that fact that whilst the lesson is quiet and subdued that Marie is able to inject a sense of humour and we can laugh at things that happen or come up, it makes it feel less serious and more enjoyable for me. Having done the lessons with you for some time now, I find myself thinking about the Technique a lot of the time and trying to remember to ‘let go’ or give my Alexander directions. I would definitely recommend Marie. My daughter Phoebe has also had lessons and would like to continue. I myself continue to have lessons to improve my posture, my neck, shoulder and back pain and also be calmer in myself.


- Kate, SW London

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