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Vogue: "Can better posture lead to a better life?"

An article entitled “can better posture lead to a better life?” appeared in Vogue magazine this week. Pilates gets a mention – doesn’t it always – but the Alexander Technique seems for once to be the main focus of the article. However, as often happens, the journalist didn’t quite capture what the Technique is. What I did find of interest was a paragraph that matches my own observations on what is happening to people – and not just kids and millenials in my opinion, but anyone who works with a screen all day:

“Right now we’re having a huge problem, specifically with kids and millennials who are starting to develop kyphosis, or curvature of the thoracic spine,” says Amir Mahajer, D.O., a dual-certified physiatrist and the head of interventional spine care at Mount Sinai West’s new Spine Center in New York. Sitting for prolonged periods of time in a “shrimp position” while stooped over cell phones and computers puts undue pressure on the spine and can lead to disc herniation and early onset osteoarthritis, Mahajer continues, explaining the impact of “nerd neck,” the latest attempt by the medical establishment to epithetize this very modern-day affliction.”

Nice that the article ends with the reporter deciding to “commit to finding my own posture without having to force it, as the Alexander Technique suggests”. Are you committing to yours?

Here's the link to the article. Happy reading!


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