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10 for 9 offer (Constructive Rest and Frequent Lessons are a Recipe for Success!)

As new clients come to the Studio to take up Alexander Technique lessons, I am noticing a couple of things about their progress.

Firstly, the clients who choose to make constructive rest a regular part of their day seem to progress much more. Constructive rest, or lying in semi-supine, is a great way to stop, allow time for yourself and start to let go. It is really, really good for your back. It involves finding a quite place for 15 minutes, and lying down with your head supported by books and your knees up. Anyone can do it. A guide to constructive rest is available on the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) website here. Give it a go!

The second thing I notice is that those clients who come for lessons regularly, and without big gaps between lessons, make the best progress. I find that weekly or even twice weekly lessons at first is the best – like learning any new skill, practice makes perfect. Clients new to the Technique do best with the support of a teacher until they have a good understanding of the principles involved.

For the above reasons, and as Poise for Life grows, I am launching a “10 lessons for the price of 9” offer. It does what it says on the tin! Buy 9 lessons and receive an appointment card with the 10th lesson free. The 10 lessons need to be used up within 3 months of purchase for the reasons outlined above – more frequent lessons make for better uptake of the skill that is the Alexander Technique, especially for new learners. I will, of course, continue to offer lessons paid for on an individual basis.

Please do drop me a line at if you are interested in the offer, or just in the Alexander Technique in general.

Happy constructive rest!


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