February & March 2020 Special Offer!

Dear Clients

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got” - Tony Robbins

Do you know someone who has had backache, neck ache, headache, breathing problems, joint or muscle pain, or muscle discomfort / tension for a long time? Have they tried lots of things but nothing really works? Then the Alexander Technique really is for them.

Long-standing pain or discomfort generally arises from habits of muscle use we cultivate over a long period of time. So encourage your friends, family and acquaintances to try something different. During February and March 2020 I will be offering introductory lessons for less than half price - £20 instead of the usual £45. The Alexander Technique is a skill that anyone of any age can learn (having said that, under 6 is a bit young and after you’re dead is a bit late).

If you used to come for lessons and are considering doing things differently in 2020 the same applies - first lesson back after a period away from the Technique for £20.

Furthermore I will offer a free lesson to any current client who recommends a friend.

So stop, think, have a lesson! Please pass this email on to anyone you think may benefit.

Marie Perez MSTAT info@poiseforlife.com www.poiseforlife.com 07957 820127

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