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Thanks to Christelle for New Testimonial!

Many thanks to my lovely client Christelle who has been coming for lessons for over a year now. Christelle has written a great testimonial - see below. If anyone else would like share the benefits that they get from the Technique then please get in touch! Christelle writes:

"My Alexander Technique journey and discovery started a bit more than a year ago now. I was experiencing pain in my right shoulder and in my left thigh when standing and sitting; I had tried several other therapies, however, I received no lasting relief from any of them. This brought me to contact Marie for an Alexander Technique lesson. The Alexander lessons helped me little by little to notice the way I use my body in every day life. Also, when the pain begins, the Technique gave me a set of tools which allow me to manage the pain: lying in semi-supine thinking about my Alexander “directions”, that is, allowing my head to be free at the top my spine and allowing space in my ribcage, at the top of my thighs, knees and ankles. Lessons with Marie are both serious and fun and it is surprising that after most lessons, and even after a year, I seem to be noticing something new that I can use in my daily life. I recommend everyone to try Alexander Technique lessons with Marie and lying in semi-supine to take control of your well-being." Christelle, SW London

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